Magento Bulk Import Products Error With Images

Magento Bulk Import Products Error With Images

[20:49, 6/29/2017] Magento Mobile Shop: “/app/code/community/Bluethink/Bulkimport/


[20:49, 6/29/2017] Magento Mobile Shop: we fixed this for theration
[20:50, 6/29/2017] Magento Mobile Shop: we changed catalog_product_entity to mgly_catalog_product_entity
[20:50, 6/29/2017] Magento Mobile Shop: catalog_product_entity is default for magento
[20:51, 6/29/2017] Magento Mobile Shop: you need to change that in controllers

Importing product data

First, you will need to know the data format required by Magento for import. The simplest way to do this is to create a sample product in Magento and export all products. To do this:-

  1. Go to Bulk Import > Images zip
  2. Choose csv file

The exported CSV file will be placed in the /var/export folder. You will need to FTP into your Magento hosting to retrieve the file.

Open this file in a spreadsheet application. I used OpenOffice Calc as it allows the CSV to be saved as UTF-8 which is required by Magento. The first row shows the product field names required by Magento – for your first import, you will need all these fields to be present, even if the values are blank. Copy and paste the columns of data from the CSV exported from your old inventory into the Magento CSV. You don’t need all the columns, if in doubt just leave them with the same values as your sample product.


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