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Three years ago I started learning to code, focusing on front-end designing and development. This was not completely new to me, as I’ve been doing this learning to code thing for a few years now. Most of the time it was something that I did for fun for live preview.

Please note that although I am using “you” across this article, I’m referring to my own errors. I am not offering advice to anyone, I don’t think I’m in the position to do so. This is a simple way for me to make a conscious note of the mistakes I made. I also hope that whoever reads this thing will find it useful and avoid these mistakes.

Looking back over the three years, and especially over 2014 when I decided to focus on front-end development, I’ve noticed some patterns in the way I was learning and doing things in simple way. These patterns lead to a series of mistakes that I am now fixing or got fixed in the past few years.

So, without further ado, here are some of the numerous errors I made.

This is how I plan a project now. This approach seems to be working for the moment and it offers a more structured approach to coding.

First, on paper:

  1. I write down the objective of the thing I am coding
  2. I break that objective into steps
  3. Every major step is then broken down into even smaller bits



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